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Service Description: Saskatchewan sections with sensitive habitat for Species at Risk have been identified. Development will be minimized to protect this sensitive habitat or specific mitigation criteria will be required in cases where avoidance is justifiably not possible. For more information, contact the Fish, Wildlife and Lands Branch or the area Ecological Protection Specialist. A total of 3624 Sections in the Prairie Ecozone in Saskatchewan were identified as Sensitive areas for the following Species at Risk, most current information as of December 2015: Burrowing Owl, Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer, Prairie Loggerhead Shrike, Mountain Plover, Mormon Metalmark, Sprague's Pipit, Swift Fox, Black-footed Ferret, Gold-edged Gem, Greater Sage-Grouse, Greater short-horned lizard, Piping Plover, Slender Mouse-ear-cress, Small-flowered Sand-verbena, Tiny Cryptantha, Dusky Dune Moth and Smooth Goosefoot.

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Copyright Text: Environment and Climate Change Canada and Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

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