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Service Description: The Air Quality Section of the Ministry of Environment uses modelling to simulation how air pollutants disperse in the ambient atmosphere. Models are important for air quality management. They are used to estimate the impact of air pollutants emitted from emission sources, and are typically employed to determine whether existing or new proposed industrial facilities are or will be in compliance with the ambient air quality standards outlined in Table 20 of the province’s Environmental Code, June 1, 2015 under The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010.The information needed to run dispersion models consists primarily of emissions and meteorological data. Five years (2012-2016) of preprocessed meteorological datasets for AERMOD is publically available. Some of the parameters included in the AERMOD input files are: date, surface roughness, Bowen ratio, albedo, scalar wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, precipitation, precipitation rate, relative humidity, surface pressure, and total cloud amounts.

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