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LandUsePlanning (MapServer)

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Service Description: This data set provides an account of land use planning areas for which Ministry of environment has led or co-led planning processes. Land use planning in Saskatchewan utilizes a generic zoning framework that consist of three zoning categories. These zoning categories include: • Protection – areas and sites with the greatest degree of restrictions on use to ensure the highest degree of protection or preservation of significant, unique, endangered or rare natural and cultural resources. • sensitive – are those areas consisting of natural and cultural resources that are sensitive to disturbance. • management – areas that will allow sustainable and integrated development of a variety of activities and developments. Although zoning within each of the planning processes is based on the same zoning framework many of the processes have customized subzones to address unique management and planning needs. The following are the unique sub-zones for each of Saskatchewan’s planning processes. For specific detail refer to the pertinent planning document.

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